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SLRFL 2008

Interested in participating in the 2008 Relay?

Please search GROUPS and join “SL’s RFL Volunteer”.
We will be using that particular group to keep you informed as to the when, where, and why for SLRFL ‘08.

“Until there’s a cure…there’s Relay!”

But Wait There is More …

From the deepest part of my heart I say thank you. I thank every one who worked so hard on this effort. Every volunteer who pulled an all-nighter to get a build done, every team member that brought a friend to the track, every resident that took a moment to remember and honor someone they love. And, of course, the people from, who helped me greatly with the paperial work.

What we experienced over the weekend was the culmination of thousands of hours of volunteer work. Without volunteers, and volunteer leaders we would have had nothing. Please take a moment to tell the planning committee, and your team leaders how much you appreciate them. I do, and am in awe of their love and dedication.

But wait, there is more. The American Cancer Society Island is now open for business. We are glad to help any peer led support group, activity groups, or any other group use our space for meetings and events. We also have cancer research available in an information center where you can research some of the questions you may have about cancer. Soon we will have a memorial garden to plant flowers in, as well as additional program offices. I encourage everyone of you to visit the office, and make a wish at the Tree of Hope. Just 363 day until Relay 2008.

With so many thanks to all of you,
Randal Moss
American Cancer Society


So please stand up and take a bow. You have so earned it. But…I know you didn’t give so much of your life the last few months, your time, energy, and creativity for a bow. You gave to honor the person in your life touched by cancer. You gave, to keep another from experiencing the physical and emotional pain of cancer. You gave because you care. How do I even begin to think I can extend a thank you for something that personal; I don’t. A thank you is needed though, or maybe just a little recognition, as you gave so much, you gave with time, energy and money, you gave with dedication, you gave by stepping out of your comfort zone, you gave with tears of happiness and sorrow, you gave of yourself…You Relayed.
Thank you,
Fay and the SLRFL 2007 Planning Committee


Below is listed a few of the people who participated in SLRFL ‘07. It is my sincerest hope that no one is left off this list. This “Thank You” is a work in progress though so please don’t hesitate to add names or notes through the comment option or by contacting me.

SLRFL Giant Snail Racers

Betty Barbecue
Callipygian Christensen
DrFran Babcock
Ingie Prathivi
Joltfreek Skall
Kiwi Alfa
Kumi Kuhr
Luna Larsen
moo Money
Oodlemi Noodle
Oya Bright
Phoenixia Broome
Shufei Zenit

Relay Volunteers

Alazarin Mondrian
Alexandra Soderberg
Alexia Aferdita
Alpha Zaius
Amulius Lioncourt
Andy Glasgow
Andy Zadeh
Anhayla Lycia
Aradia Dielli
Armath Severine
Artistic Fimicoloud
Ashlin Leandros
Autumn Fairlane
Balpien Hammerer
Barnesworth Anubis
Bau Ur
Bcreative Wilde
Bear Hird
Belle Loll
Bobby Troughton
Bonnie Halberd
Bourque Rau
Brent McMillan
Brunt Burt
Caliah Lyon
Candy Antonelli
Caroline Apollo
Carrie Tatsu
Cate Baker
Catero Revolution
Catz Jewell
Cavatica Kit
Charlene Trudeau
Charron Marseille
Chelle Moore
Chely Lock
Christine Daffodil
Christopher Sterling
Cinders Vale
CJ Carnot
Cralyn Cagney
Cutea Benelli
Cylindrian Rutagaba
Cyn Linden
Cypress Rosewood
Daisy Kwon
Dakota Buck
Dan Doyle
Danne Duncan
Darren Newbold
DayDreamer Langway
Devo Whippet
Didier Soyuz
DimiVan Ludwig
Dion Dannunizo
Dixie Starr
Dodi Byrd
Dolly & Lilith Heart
Donk Kongo
Dorie Bernstein
DrenBoy Opus
DrFran Babcock
Ed Yuya
Edward Lowell
Ehdward Spengler
Eleanora Newell
Elisha Paklena
Elizabeth Antonelli
Elzbiet Meili
Emma Gilmour
Eric Rice
Erika Thereian
Etherian Kamaboko
Fab Tanabe
Fallingwater Cellardoor
Farley Crabgrass
Farley Scarborough
Flaming Moe
Forcythia Wishbringer
Francois Jacques
Frans Charming
Frenchbloke Vanmoer
Frogg Marlowe
FxyLdy Moonlight
Gessepi Gillespie
Glaston Harvey
Grace McDunnough
Grandeiser Greggan
Grateful Stryker
Grazia Horwitz
Grifphon Greatrex
Haedon Quine
Hamish Stuart
Haroldthe Burrel
Hollie Wood
Hope Rosetta
HoseQueen McLean
hyasynth Tiramisu
Ida Keen
idoru Ng
Invisible Homewood
Iris Lightworker
IshtarAngel Micheline
Jack Linden
Jacqueline Trudeau
Jade Lily
Jago Lachman
Jam Ingmann
Jamie Brokken
Jane Fosset
Jaxi Morrison
Jaycatt Nico
Jazz Asylum
Jeff Firefly
Jesseaitui Petion
Jezebel Marlin
Jhohn Hax
Jiggy Shepherd
Jim Perhaps
Jiminy Roo
Johnny99 Gumshoe
Josi Nebestanka
JueL Resistance
Kaklick Martin
Kanker Greenacre
Karla Bjornson
Kenny Doughboy
Kim Seifert
King Craven
Kingston Augustus
Kisa Naumova
Komuso Tokugawa
Koose DeGroot
Korii Tiger
Kriss Lehman
Kurston Brody
LaidBack Celt
Lauren Thibaud
Lavendar Jewell
Lena Kennedy
Liandra Ceawlin
Lily Holsworthy
Love Kawaguichi
Lovey Darling
Lucas Lameth
Lucian Overlord
Lukas Thetan
Lunata Lupino
Lyr Lobo
Madison Donnelly
MagicJustSue Kojima
Malana Spencer
MamaP Beeerbaum
Manna Rosewood
Mannie Madonna
MarkTwain White
Martin Ren
Martini Discovolante
Matthew Perreault
Max Whitehead
Maximillion Kleene
May Rosebud
Mecca Merosi
Melissa Antelope
Melvin Took
Menno Ophelia
Mercurious Monde
Michael Ludovico
Ming Chen
miraztutorials Voom
Misty Rhodes
Mod Faulkner
Moriah Cosmos
MrJonze Independent
MsTootsiedoll Lamourfou
Myrrh Massiel
Nad Gough
Naughty Desoto
Naydee McGettigan
Nber Medici
Nebby Newman
Neil Morrison
Nephilaine Protagonist
Nex Brannan
Nicky Ree
Niko Donburi
Nodi Writer
Nomad Rovio
Nuala Marcas
Oldrome Yer
Ozz Seattle
Paisley Beebe
Paix Chambers
Pammie Venkman
Pannie Paperdoll
Peabody Fadoodle
Pheonix Bright
Pillan Auer
polysilox Apogee
Pukk Abel
Pushbutton Skolnick
Quizz Ling
Qventa Nikolaidis
RacerX Gullwing
Raver Bellow
Reel Liveoak
Ren Stonecutter
Reve Monde
Rhiannon Chatnoir
Rhyph Somme
Ricardo Sprocket
Rioghan Moana
River Donovan
Rizla Laval
Ronnie Carr
Rose Farina
Rose Leckrone
Rose Mackie
RoseDrop Rust
RoseKinUK London
Ryan Darragh
Sabine Stonebender
SamBivalent Spork
Saria Quaggy
Sawdust Yer
Sean Clancy
Sendao Goodman
Serina Juran
Shai Delacroix
Shay Sunnyside
Sidda Jubilee
Sig Mariner
Silas Scarborough
Silvio Canetti
Six Kennedy
Smily Raymaker
Songbird Sparkle
SpaceMan Opus
srv4u Conacher
Stella Costello
Stephen Bentham
Stina Ruff
Stori Knopfli
Summer Tnatalus
Suzanne Zeluco
Suzie Bailey
Swarovski Brooks
Sweegy Manilow
Syanin Xevious
Synergy Devonshire
Talila Liu
Talyn Barrett
Tao Takeshi
Tayzia Abattoir
Tazzie Tuque
TedDBere Harbinger
Telia Sawyer
Tequlia Tapioca
The Charitable Hearts Group
The Sojourner
Tiger Noh
Tigerlily Koi
Tim Marat
Timeless Prototype
Tone Uriza
Torrid Midnight
Trader1 Whiplash
Trena Chenille
Trent Platthy
Tria Boucher
Triz Aster
Tria Boucher
Vanessa Maddaloni
Vanilla Jessop
Verkin Raven
Vern Duncan
Virtual Live Band
Vredepaix Vertes
Vulpes Harlequin
Washu Zebrastripe
Wendy Curtiss
Wewi Yin
WillbeYour Babii
Willow Lundquist
Wilma Delgado
Yo Brewster
Yxes Delacroix
Zander Greene
Zena Bailey
Zoom Dweebie
Zyrra Falcone

RFL Racers are Cleaning Up for a Cure

RFL Racers are Cleaning Up for a Cure @ (RD) Formula 1 Race Track, Friday, July 27th 7-10pm sl!! Bring your hottest rides for a car wash to benefit the SL Relay for Life of the American Cancer Society!!􀀅

Come check out the hottest new F1 track in SL, some of the sexiest bodies washing your awesome cars and great music for a fantastic cause!! One last blowout fundraiser for the Relay for Life, which culminates after 5 months on Saturday and spans 32 sims!!!

(RD) Formula 1 Racing is donating a custom F1 for auction to the highest bidder!! Winning bid will recieve a gift certificate which can be redeemed when the scripting is finalized for the BEST F1 available in SL! Be THE FIRST to own one!!

If you are interested in giving a USD donation, please go to

For more information on the SL Relay for Life please see the American Cancer Society’s website: or to check on the status of the fundraising teams: /


T1Radio together with Nashville recording artists KingBilly, Reese Browning and Emmy Award Winning Prodcer/Songwriter Trey Bruce are sponsoring a once in a lifetime oppotunity to own 3 Very Rare Autographed CDs and Help Support SL Relay for Life.

The Auction will be conducted E-Bay Style, requiring you to enter a Maximum Amount you wish to bid. Bidding Starts at 2pm (SLT), Friday July 27th and will end at 830am(SLT) Sunday July 29th. The Top Six Bidders for KingBilly and Trey Bruce AND the top TEN Bidders for Reese Browning will recieve a CD. Top 3 Bidders for Reese Browning will also recieve a T-Shirt! (These are RL Items!!)

Unreleased CD “KingBilly”

KingBilly is a dynamic new group who’s star is rising very quickly on the Nashville skyline! The group blends rock country and bluegrass into a unique exciting style. These Six energetic and vastly talented young men blend thier vocal and instrumental talents into a Unique sound that is refreshing to listen to and will have you on your feet and Kickin Up Dust!

King Billy tosses out the good songs and keeps the great ones!

You can Hear KingBilly live at 8PM Sat. July 28th at Relay For Life Entertainment Sim #

Reese Browning
Newest Release “My Condition”

If nothing else Reese Browning breathes passion and emotion with a sound that falls somewhere between U2, Morrissey, Tonic and Collective Soul.

Whether he’s armed with nothing but an acoustic guitar and a microphone, or with a full band, one gets the picture that “vocally honest” is a true description of Reese’s style.

Trey Bruce

Trey writes:

“I’m not really a band. I’m a songwriter/record producer. You can Goggle or go to to find out detailed info on me, but in brief I’m an Emmy Winning Songwriter with multiple number 1 and top ten singles, with songs recorded by artists such as Faith Hill, LeeAnn Rimes, Carrie Underwood, SheDaisy, Trace Adkins, Randy Travis, Reina etc etc. I’ve produced Trace Adkins, Chris LeDoux, Rebecca Lynn Howard among others…”

Since 1989 Trey has been a producer/songwriter in Nashvile since signing with MCA in 1989. His first hit as a songwriter was Shelby Lynne’s 1990 hit “Things are Tough All Over” . In 1993 Randy Travis reached #1 with Bruce’s “Look Heart, No Hands” and again in 1994 with “Whisper My Name”.

Since then, he has written songs for several country music artists, including Doug Stone, Lee Roy Parnell, Faith Hill, LeAnn Rimes, Diamond Rio, and SHeDAISY.

Bruce has also co-produced albums for Trace Adkins, Rebecca Lynn Howard and Chris LeDoux; in addition, his composition “Where There Is Hope” won Bruce an Emmy in 2001.

Last year Billboard listed him as one of the top ten country writers in the USA.

The CD “Rodeo Love War” was never intended for public release. It is a private CD that Trey gives to his friends in the Music, Television and Motion Picture industries. He has generously provided 6 autographed copies for auction to benefit the 2007 SL Relay for Life.

Bids for Each CD will open at $L10,000 and increments of $L500. The Bid Boards will be located at the 2007 Relay For Life - MAINSTAGE 7 in RelayForLife7

Don’t Miss this Chance to Own These Awesome CDs!

Second Life’s Relay For Life 2007

Brought to our community by the 2007 SLRFL Teams, Designers, and their Supporters

General Information:
* SLRFL begins Saturday, July 28th, and ends Sunday, July 29th

* SLRFL is a PG event

*T1 Radio will be broadcasting SLRFL Live

*The SLRFL Entertainment Centers have repeaters available for those not able to enter a ceremony sim

*Sailing For Life, SLRFL Entertainment Centers, and SLRFL Fishing have scheules independent form the schedule below.Please check with each area for updates.

2:00 PM Saturday, July 28th Opening Ceremony (Ceremony Center)
Opening Remarks - Jade Lily
Comments from ACS Representative - RC Moss
Guest Speaker
Instructions for Preceeding Lap - Christopher Sterling

3:00 Survivor / Caregiver Lap

4:00 Relay Attire Lap


6:00 Hats and Boots Lap

7:00 Mr. and Ms. Relay For Life 2007 Pageant
(time may change listen to T1 radio for updates)

8:00 Barefoot Lap

9:00 Luminaria / Ceremony of Hope (Ceremony Center)
- Poppy Zabelin

9:30 Fireworks


11:00 Crazy Hair Lap

12:00 AM Midnight Madness * Fireworks
PAJAMA PARTY Lap (pjs must be pg)


2:00 Carry or Wear Something to Represent your Country Lap


4:00 Beach Wear Lap (pg please)


6:00 Bald and Beautiful Lap


8:00 Formal and Tux Lap


10:00 AM Closing Ceremony (formal attire) (Ceremony Center)

Thank You from a Survivor - Candy Antonelli

Awards Presentations
‘07 SLRFL 100% Participation Team -Fayandria Foley
‘07 SLRFL Top Four Fundraising Teams - R C Mars
‘07 SLRFL Survivor Awards - Poppy Zabelin
‘07 SLRFL Designer Awards - Christopher Sterling

Closing Remarks - Fayandria Foley

11:00 AM FIREWORKS (accross all 32 sims)

Relay For Life Racers and Nomine…

will be hosting a charity event for SL Relay for Life on Monday July 23, 6pm SLT. Meet us at the grand re-opening of Nomine where we will be Rockin’ 24 for the cure! The goal is to raise 100K in 24 hours. Every 6 hours we will be checking the donation totals to keep DJ Bcreative Wilde on the air. That’s right one DJ rocking the tunes for 24 hours all for the fight against cancer. There will be a donation jar into which you can donate whatever you like with all proceeds going to help fund Cancer Research.
Check points for totals though out this event are as followed:
12:00am - 25,000L
6:00am - 50,000L
12:00pm - 75,000L
6:00pm - 100,000L
If the 100K goal is reached early new challenges will be made!
Cohosting this event along with DJ Bcreative Wilde will be Munchflower Zaius. A special thanks goes out to Munchflower for donating the space for this event durring her Grand Re-opening of Nomine!.
Hope to see you there!

Relay 4 Life! Survivor’s Auction

TODAY! July 22.Sunday 4pm SLT

DJ Amy Ferguson

Concert after the Auction by Juel Resistance
Fireworks after the show donated bt RacerX Gullwing

Any questions, please IM me

Synergy Devonshire