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An Invitation to participate musically in Relay For Life
One of the most important facets of the Relay For Life here in SL is the celebration of the lives of those touched by cancer. All fought the good fight in their own way …. some won valiantly, some are still fighting that battle, and […]

‘Half Way There Fair’ takes us all the way to goal

Sunday’s ‘Half Way There Fair’ was one amazing party, and if you had not paid attention to the fundraising count, it helped to push us up to our goal. More importantly it was a beautiful collection of amazing builds, the best live music, super sweet give-aways, and loving friends. I have to say it again, […]

Every Linden Counts

As we continue forward in our fund raising activities I want to pause for a moment and say thank you. I want to thank every person who has donated. Even if you only donated 1 L$, it is still important in the big picture fight against cancer. Most important is that we as an SL […]

How to Raise Money the ‘Relay’ Way

Hello to all of our excited Relayers in Second Life. We here at the American Cancer Society are so pumped up for 2007! With the expansion of team fund raising activities I want to pass along a few tips on things to avoid when you are raising funds for the Society. The following tips are […]

Volunteer Wanted: Event Blogger

I’m looking for some folks who are interested in attending as many team relay events as possible and blogging about their experiences here. If you’re a blogger who enjoys attending events and would like to volunteer to do this, please leave a comment on this post. Thanks!

Relay Kickoff

It’s that time of year, and some of the most talented and dedicated designers, entertainers, programmers, and event planners are already thinking about Relay For Life and bugging me relentlessly ;-) to learn how they can get involved in one of Second Life’s most ambitious community projects aimed at raising money for the American […]