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Mystical Festival!

An Elf Circle Relay for Life event sponsored by the Circle of Life team
(More events will be added prior to June 21st!)
Featuring Fireworks, Magical Readings and Feats of Magic throughout the fair.
THURSDAY, June 21, 2007
9 am - Vanilla Jessop […]

Hope Photography Contest & Silent Auction Winners

On April 26th, Groovy Kinda Quest team announced the beginning of the Hope Photography Contest. Originally slated for judging on May 13th, Mother’s Day in the US, the ceremony was postponed to June 10th. Has Lassard of Art in the Park, Hobak, was Master of Ceremonies, exhibit sponsor & judged the 21 entries […]


During the Friends Fighting Cancer Date Auction one of our contestants, Wald Oh, was kidnapped by two unsavory characters. They dropped some kind of a bomb that crashed our sim and when we got back Wald Oh was gone!
Below is a copy of the ransom note we received:
This be here […]


An Invitation to participate musically in Relay For Life
One of the most important facets of the Relay For Life here in SL is the celebration of the lives of those touched by cancer. All fought the good fight in their own way …. some won valiantly, some are still fighting that battle, and […]

Where is Waldo?

Did you ever try to find Waldo???? Well how much would you pay to get a date with him?????
Yes, you heard correctly, on Sunday June 10th @ 5PM, Friends Fighting Cancer is going to give you just that chance! A DATE WITH WALD OH!
Actually, they are holding a Date Auction. […]

‘Half Way There Fair’ takes us all the way to goal

Sunday’s ‘Half Way There Fair’ was one amazing party, and if you had not paid attention to the fundraising count, it helped to push us up to our goal. More importantly it was a beautiful collection of amazing builds, the best live music, super sweet give-aways, and loving friends. I have to say it again, […]

RFL LIVE Music Extravangza

RFL Team Eros proudly & excitedly presents 12 HOURS….yes that’s right…12 full rockin’, partyin’, insanely wild HOURS of fun for a wonderful and heartfelt cause…….fighting cancer, which has most likely affected all of our lives in one way or another at some point.
Come join us on Saturday, June 2, 2007 from 12 noon til […]


RFL CARNIVAL Sponsored by Team McDonnough! May 27th, 1pm - 9 pm SLT, on the island sim Isla Del Amor. DJ’s Naydee McGettigan, Tempest Jewel, and Jellybean Madison will be providing live music all day. The Raffle Ball will be giving out prizes all day! Awesome raffle prizes, kissing booth, mud […]

The Great SL Cow Dance!

In case you haven’t Herd … the Relay Rockers are holding Mooonumental Relay For Life Event Saturday May 26th from 12- 4:30!
That’s Right. The Great SL Cow Dance! Hop on Old Bessie and Join the Herd as We Hoof it across the Mainland on Dancing Cows! We will be Mooving […]

Relay Ribbons

Most of the people on the team, Friends Fighting Cancer, belong to a web site called Second Life Profiles. Something like My Space, but for people in Second Life. In fact that is how we all met. The Administrator of the site, Yo Brewster, has been quite supportative of our […]