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Archive for February, 2007

Team Reports!

I have updated the Reports page to add weekly and daily fund-raising total graphs customized for each team! Now you can look back and see how your team has been doing from day to day! Have a look. :)

How to Raise Money the ‘Relay’ Way

Hello to all of our excited Relayers in Second Life. We here at the American Cancer Society are so pumped up for 2007! With the expansion of team fund raising activities I want to pass along a few tips on things to avoid when you are raising funds for the Society. The following tips are […]

Top 5 Team Donations

Just added a new section in the sidebar for the top 5 team sponsorships. To grab one of these spots, you have to make a large donation into one of the team’s kiosks. General donations don’t count. Only those collected by the teams will end up on this list, so go […]

Volunteer Wanted: Event Blogger

I’m looking for some folks who are interested in attending as many team relay events as possible and blogging about their experiences here. If you’re a blogger who enjoys attending events and would like to volunteer to do this, please leave a comment on this post. Thanks!

Team Totals 2006

Some folks have been asking for last year’s team totals. Here they are. The team totals for this year are now prominently displayed in the right-hand sidebar. :)

Pixels in Pink: L$3,793,433
Relay Ladies: L$1,839,833
The Dysfunctional Fundraisers: L$862,480
Transylvania: L$670,455
dAlliez Estates-T1Radio: L$598,389
Caledon: L$581,563
Spatior Vitae: L$298,383
Walk of Life: L$175,855
Vesuvius Fyre: L$135,798
SL Cargo Snail Racing: L$103,753
Mood Indigo: L$79,277
Cross Country Snails: L$58,074
Drow of House Candour: L$15,666
Captain’s Team: L$5,042

Relay For Feliciaa

When I first decided to try and use Second Life to raise money for my local RL Relay For Life team back in 2004, it was easy to raise some money, have a good time and not take everything too seriously. But over the years, I’ve had an opportunity to get to know […]

Relay Promo Contest

Rez Nation has the story on a Second Life Relay For Life radio promo contest. Thanks to an anonymous donation, we’ve been able to raise the prize to L$100,000 for the best promo.
By the way, that 20 seconds isn’t a hard limit. It’s just a suggestion. Make it as long as […]