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Archive for February 19th, 2007

Team Totals 2006

Some folks have been asking for last year’s team totals. Here they are. The team totals for this year are now prominently displayed in the right-hand sidebar. :)

Pixels in Pink: L$3,793,433
Relay Ladies: L$1,839,833
The Dysfunctional Fundraisers: L$862,480
Transylvania: L$670,455
dAlliez Estates-T1Radio: L$598,389
Caledon: L$581,563
Spatior Vitae: L$298,383
Walk of Life: L$175,855
Vesuvius Fyre: L$135,798
SL Cargo Snail Racing: L$103,753
Mood Indigo: L$79,277
Cross Country Snails: L$58,074
Drow of House Candour: L$15,666
Captain’s Team: L$5,042