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Daily Record! L$444,212 on March 25th!

Just wanted to point out, thanks mostly to the Transylvania For Feliciaa Feaver For Life team, who raised L$335,563 on their own last Sunday, we were able to break the daily fundraising record again! It’s now up to L$444,212, or roughly US$1,663.00. That is a heck of a lot of money to […]

When Reality Is Too Real: For Feliciaa Feaver

This afternoon I djed at Trans for the one of a kind bike made by HD and Pae Pomeray. The turnout was strong. People from SLurgis were there and alot of The Family pulled together. In the end the bidding went down to the wire between a gentleman and Obscuro. It […]

The Cost of Cancer - A Perspective

Putting the Cost of Cancer in Perspective
I would like to share a personal note on the cost of treatment for cancer.
I am a Cancer Patient. I was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocetic Leukemia in 2002.
For five years my doctors monitored it until it became serious enough to treat. During that time I recieved treatments to help […]

Relay Rockers Announce Guest DJ Bidding

The Relay Rockers ‘07 team is offering a dream come true to benefit the American Cancer Society’s “Relay for Life” campaign, for anyone who has ever been bitten by the DJ bug.
T1Radio ( has made FOUR 1 hour Primetime Slots available EACH WEEK starting April 1st for aspiring DJs to Broadcast on T1Radio! […]


Last Monday, I had the privilege of presenting the Second Life Relay For Life to an audience of about a hundred folks at the South By Southwest in Austin. I wasn’t actually there myself. I presented over Skype and Second Life. Here’s some video footage of that presentation from the SXSW side. […]

SL Ballet Performs For Relay

Ballet in SL? Yes, that is what I said. And what an AMAZING event.
The SL Ballet performed their version of “Olmannen” as a fundraiser for the Relay For Live and what an amazing Ballet. If you ever get a chance be sure to go see it….the scenery changes, the costumes, the dances and of […]

Ugly Little Side Effect of Lag

Hi Team Captains;
It has been brought to our attention that due to SL’s lag issue on any given day, there may be a slight problem with your donations transfering to Jade. A ugly little side effect of lag.
So if you notice your personal account is increasing more than you think […]

Daily Record! L$436,238 on March 11th!

Yesterday was Fay’s first SL birthday! To commemorate the day, all of the fund raising teams set out to break the daily fund raising record, which was L$418,503 at the time. Well guess what…
We did it!
By L$17,735. :)
Just to put things in perspective, L$436,238 is equal to about US$1,634 according to […]

Relay Vendors

I have updated the Tools page to include information about the new vendors. Have a look if you need help setting those up!

Relay Takes a Lickin’ (and Keeps on Tickin’)

A few days ago, I discovered a bug in my pledge card/kiosk code that may result in future inaccurate recording of donations. I had no other choice but to fix the code and remake all the team fundraising tools. I also have issued a message to older kiosks to self destruct when […]