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From the deepest part of my heart I say thank you. I thank every one who worked so hard on this effort. Every volunteer who pulled an all-nighter to get a build done, every team member that brought a friend to the track, and every resident that took a moment to remember and honor someone they love. What we experienced over the weekend was the culmination of thousands of hours of volunteer work. Without volunteers, and volunteer leaders we would have had nothing. Please take a moment to tell the planning committee, and your team leaders how much you appreciate them. I do, and am in awe of their love and dedication.

But wait, there is more. The American Cancer Society Island is now open for business. We are glad to help any peer led support group, activity groups, or any other group use our space for meetings and events. We also have cancer research available in an information center where you can research some of the questions you may have about cancer. Soon we will have a memorial garden to plant flowers in, as well as additional program offices. I encourage everyone of you to visit the office, and make a wish at the Tree of Hope. Just 363 day until Relay 2008.

With so many thanks to all of you,
Randal Moss
American Cancer Society