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When Reality Is Too Real: For Feliciaa Feaver

This afternoon I djed at Trans for the one of a kind bike made by HD and Pae Pomeray. The turnout was strong. People from SLurgis were there and alot of The Family pulled together. In the end the bidding went down to the wire between a gentleman and Obscuro. It was a tight race towards the end. Obs outbid with 160k and got to keep the bike…respectively named “Forever Feliciaa” honor of Our Sister and His closest friend. The outpouring of generosity was amazing. And at the same time, very sad. Feliciaa has known Obscuro for over 7 years..they came to SL together from another game. You could not find two people so connected..All the money got put right into the kiosk. We’re still #1 with nearly 1 million Linden to show for our efforts. And we’ll keep going for the find a cure..more research..more medicine..more hope.

Sadly, it wont apply to Feliciaa. She is in her final days. Home surrounded by her real life family as they wait for her to take her final breath. It got me thinking. How important one person can be in someone’s life… and then the next minute, they’re gone. I mean not just here–she has a husband, two kids, and a grandchild on the way–but she won’t be around to see that baby born.

What do you say to something like that? What do you say when you know when someone you love is going to go away? It’s like there are no words. There’s only tears, a numbness, moments of desperation where we are willing to do anything to hold on for just a little longer. There wont be a cure tomorrow. Not next week. Not in the next 5 years. Maybe not even in my generation or the next. But The Hope is what is worth fighting for.

We question ourselves, get involved in insane Drama-Squad nonsense, and yes, the #1 rule: don’t mix SL with RL. But for something like this, to be part of something that can reach another world, for a greater good, for the Feliciaas of the world, it’s worth every moment to mix the two worlds to stand for one cause.

It’s a brutal reality, something we all face. Friends go away, be it of their own free will or against. Lovers part and walk alone. Bonds are broken and there’s nowhere to turn to. But it’s the memories made, the hope for a better tomorrow when everything seems lost, and the fight for something that is bigger than both worlds combined.

I remember Feliciaa. I Hope for a better tomorrow. I fight for a cure.


Comment from Fayandria Foley
Time: March 26, 2007, 2:18 pm

Thank you for saying it so well and I’m with you…I remember Fel, hope for a better tomorrow, and will die fighting for a cure.

Comment from Randy
Time: March 27, 2007, 11:11 am

There are some things they did not tell me at my orientation, they say a lot but never really talked about how you cope with loosing a volunteer. It is an inevitable occurrence seeing what we at ACS do for a living. I spoke with some counterparts here and they shared their experiences, how hard it is every time you loose a volunteer. Felicia is our first SL volunteer to leave, and my hope is that it never gets easier. It hurts because we care.

This all brings into focus why I work where I do, and why all of our volunteers work as hard as they do … there are so many people left that we can still help. There is so much research to conduct, so many patients to help, survivors to honor, and loved ones to memorialize. Continuing on with SLRFL is how we all can remember Felicia and everyone else who lost their battle with cancer.

Comment from Xulltana Lowell
Time: March 27, 2007, 9:11 pm

Feliciaa was a great friend and a great mentor, she pushed me to never give up. I am lucky to know her and love her with all my heart, she help me find things I never had irl, though I am very very sad she is dieing, I can’t help but think of the good times with her. She always held me up and I always tried to make her laugh. RL always bites you in the but from SL, all we can do is accept and send our love as strong as we can, by any means.
Love you Feliciaa, I support you all the way and shall be at your side for all eternity my sister *hugs and kisses*

Comment from Jennyfur
Time: March 30, 2007, 5:24 am

I’ve known Fel since I started SL over three years ago now and had the pleasure of meeting her in person at the SLCC last year. Even though she had just been diagnosed with a cancer recurrence, she persevered when she could not fly to San Fran and took a two day train journey just to get there to meet all her friends. There is so much I could say, but I’ll start crying again…. not that I have stopped or at least not been on the verge of tears since I found out.

Comment from Thor
Time: March 31, 2007, 12:39 am

Warm words, Leyla. I met Feliciaa only recently and just for an evening or two, but it was quite apparent what effect she has had on the people and family around her. In a few short hours she had much the same effect on me. I’m sorry I won’t get to know her better.

In recent years I’ve held the hands of a few loved ones as they left this world, and what always came to mind I can sum up for
you with these words…

Feliciaa inspired you, Obs, other members of Trans, and much of the SL universe to take action to fight against this plague of the modern age. Our thoughts and actions will inspire others to do the same, with this fight and many others. In turn those actions will inspire others to make a positive contribution to the world, and so on.

From her own nature, and through us, Feliciaa will live forever.

Jim (Thor Eldrich)

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