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Most of the people on the team, Friends Fighting Cancer, belong to a web site called Second Life Profiles. Something like My Space, but for people in Second Life. In fact that is how we all met. The Administrator of the site, Yo Brewster, has been quite supportative of our efforts for Relay. Being very talented in web design, he designed a way where people on the site can buy a relay ribbon (different colors representing different amounts) here in world ( and the ribbon will show up on their page in SL Profiles. On the front page of the site is a link to a page that describes what we we are doing and how a ribbon can be bought. There is also a running account of who bought what which is leading to a very competitive race and has brought in over $L147,000 in less than three weeks.

If you are a member of Profiles and have not heard of our ribbon campaign, please check it out at

SL Profile Ribbons