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As we continue forward in our fund raising activities I want to pause for a moment and say thank you. I want to thank every person who has donated. Even if you only donated 1 L$, it is still important in the big picture fight against cancer. Most important is that we as an SL community are coming together to help fund medical research, global prevention programs, and local patient services. We are just one of 4,600 communities that are all part of one BIG cancer fighting team.

Thank you to every team, to every single team that is making an effort to raise not just funds but cancer awareness. Your commitment and effort is appreciated by me, and by all of the survivors and families that you are helping. In the coming weeks we are going to switch a few things on this site to celebrate every donation that we receive no matter how large or small. We will continue to recognize residents who are making significant donations as we make more of an effort to shine a light on the individuals who are making this Relay such a success.

Again I thank you for being one of the most generous and socially aware communities I have ever been a part of.