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Hey everyone!

Following up on what Randy said, I just want to remind everyone that we’re all on the same team here, doing great things for a great cause. It really doesn’t matter who raises the most money as long as we’re all trying our very best. I really appreciate all the hard work that everyone has put into this.

So I’ve made some changes to the sidebar. It’s no longer showing team totals (though if you want to know how your team is doing, you can still use the in-world HUD), but I’ve added a new list showing the top 10 donors over the last 7 days. I also expanded the latest donations list to show 10 rather than 5.

I hope this gets us out of the mindset that we need to be competing with each other. That’s not what this is about. Every linden dollar counts, and every amount of effort is appreciated. Thanks so much! We’re almost there.