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The Great SL Cow Dance!

In case you haven’t Herd … the Relay Rockers are holding Mooonumental Relay For Life Event Saturday May 26th from 12- 4:30!

That’s Right. The Great SL Cow Dance! Hop on Old Bessie and Join the Herd as We Hoof it across the Mainland on Dancing Cows! We will be Mooving across the mainland using the Linden Roads from Chalet Linden to the ANWR SIM and then on to the T1Radio Warehouse in Rue dAlliez for a LIVE CONCERT Featuring Bill & Pam Havercamp!

T1 Radio will be simoolcasting the event live & Event Sponsors will be providing special gifts at each Checkpoint!

Pick Up your Dancing Cow and T1Radio TPod at the Warehouse or La Vie en Rose in Rue dAlliez or at Koko Nutz Pier in Cincta - Donation of $L500 for Relay For Life

Zorena Deckard’s Ookami Ningen
Alyssa Bijoux Jewellers
Joy Bellman
Maracas DeSigns
Angellina Burelli
WoodstockBurleigh’s Shaker Shop

Don’t Miss this chance to Steer your way across dozens of Amazing Sims and help the Largest Community Event in Second Life.. The SL Relay for Life benefiting the American Cancer Society