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RFL CARNIVAL Sponsored by Team McDonnough! May 27th, 1pm - 9 pm SLT, on the island sim Isla Del Amor. DJ’s Naydee McGettigan, Tempest Jewel, and Jellybean Madison will be providing live music all day. The Raffle Ball will be giving out prizes all day! Awesome raffle prizes, kissing booth, mud wrestling, rides, events and more!
Some of the prizes are listed below as are some of the kissing booth attendants!

Auction Items are the following and bidding will start on Friday 12:00pm slt
PIRATE SHIP by Baron Grayson
THREE PLATINUM BEDS by Stroker Serpentine
SORROW by Androclese Antonelli
HDCC_Relay For Life_Lil Pink By HD Pomeray
NYMPHETAMINE_Rideable Relay for Life Swan by Paeoti Pomeray
Sky Designs Furniture Set By Sky Everett

Here are just a few of the many raffle prizes being given away
MULTI GADGETS by Timeless Prototype
FURNITURE by Woodshed
5k GIFT CARDS by Rebel Hope
JEWELRY by Random Calliope
JEWELRY by Chantal Fielding
5k GIFT CARDS by Blaze Columbia
Boa Collection by Callie Cline
LIMITED EDITION DRESS by DE Designs (Doc Eldritch)

This is a very short list of other content creators that are also contributing prizes…..Feri Beckenbauger, Flea Bussy, Natalie Basiat, Nyte Vargas, Raven Pennyfeather, Myztree Gorky, Ariel Black, Paeoti Pomeray, Moriash Moreau, Rachel Darling, Koy Figaro, Eolande Elvehjem, Jade Whiplash and many more!

A few of the kissing attendants will be: Timeless Prototype, Sky Everett, Wiccan Sojurner, RH Engel, Rebel Hope, Random Calliope, Tayzia Abattoir, Raven Penneyfeather, Chantal Fielding, Daphne Molinari, Fly Michelson,Doc Eldritch, Nevar Lobo, Pips Fetid, Kimberly Dale and many more!

Come enjoy the day, bring all your friends and help us raise money for the American Cancer Society! You dont want to miss this event!