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An Invitation to participate musically in Relay For Life

One of the most important facets of the Relay For Life here in SL is the celebration of the lives of those touched by cancer. All fought the good fight in their own way …. some won valiantly, some are still fighting that battle, and some have lost that fight.

We would like to invite you to participate in this aspect of Relay for Life.

During the night of July 28th, at the Relay for Life, SL’s Cancer Survivors Group has the honor of walking a SURVIVOR LAP around the track and sponsoring a SURVIVOR CENTER. This walk is a very special moment during the Relay and very inspirational. You can participate in this part of the Relay in one of the following ways.

If you feel inspired to do so we would be honored if you would compose a special song for the occasion. It can be on any subject that celebrates the life of someone who has walked this journey we call cancer.
We would be honored if you would contribute an existing, original song that would be appropriate to be played during this portion of the Relay.

If you would like to participate, PLEASE: record your song to mp3 and email it to me along with your SL name. It will only be cued up to be played during the SURVIVOR WALK, the LUMINARIA WALK and at the SURVIVOR CENTER during the night of the Relay for Life. Your song and will not be sold, marketed or used in any other way.

Each person can submit only one song please and please limit the song length to no more than five minutes. (Shorter is fine.)

We undertake to play all songs, subject to a maximum limit of 75, and to publicly acknowledge all contributions. Should you feel moved to contribute an entirely new song for the occasion we will make special mention of this fact. This is not really a contest. Just an opportunity use your music to celebrate the lives of those touched by cancer. There are so many amazing musicians here in SL and we would like to use your music during the Relay in this special way. Please try to email your songs by July 9th, in order that I will have time to organize them.

Elizabeth Antonelli