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During the Friends Fighting Cancer Date Auction one of our contestants, Wald Oh, was kidnapped by two unsavory characters. They dropped some kind of a bomb that crashed our sim and when we got back Wald Oh was gone!

Below is a copy of the ransom note we received:

This be here a ransom note for yur WaldOh. Thats right people, ur percious waldoh is kidnapped and if you want him back, you best payup! $100,000L You want him back in one piece? listen up, scruvy dogs I want $100,000L Lindens! And I want em in small bills, unmarked, and no funny business . . . or I cut off his arms and tape em to his forehead!

Gimme Lindens, I need Lindens, where o where are my friggen Lindens ppl!!!

I want me money in a black suitcase, and 5 pounds of those black liquorice jelly beans in there too! I’ll tell ya the location later. This is a need to know basis, and all you need to know right now, is start saving your lindens or your waldoh will be like bread dough, baked in a oven! Dont try to come find him, he’s tied up at the moment and wont be seeing visitors, until you payup! I’ll be sending pictures and messages to your admin of ur web page, so dont mess with me avatars!

The 100,000 Lindens, and the black jelly beans, will go directly to Relay !