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Hope Photography Contest & Silent Auction Winners

On April 26th, Groovy Kinda Quest team announced the beginning of the Hope Photography Contest. Originally slated for judging on May 13th, Mother’s Day in the US, the ceremony was postponed to June 10th. Has Lassard of Art in the Park, Hobak, was Master of Ceremonies, exhibit sponsor & judged the 21 entries along with fellow SL photographers, Shoshanna Epsilon, Osprey Therian & Petal Rich. They each chose a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner in each of the three categories & votes were tallied to determine final winners. On June 10th at Art in the Park, Heath Elvehjem donated his time & talent to perform live piano music for this RFL fundraiser, with over 250 in attendance. Entry requirements were to include the word Hope creatively in the picture or title, originating from in-world & a minimum $100L donation per entry. The silent auction of all entries ran from 2pm until midnight.
… and the winners are…

Color Edited
1st- Hope Lives, by Izzy Cole
2nd- Hope & Wonder, by Marianne McCann
3rd- Hope Waits in the Heart of all Creatures, by DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret

Unedited Snapshot
1st- Hope, by Vessus Candour
2nd- Hope Dies Last, by Lula Ceawin
3rd- Hope, by Faith Lovelle

Black & White
1st- Hope Cures, by Desire Strangelove
2nd- Hope He Still Loves, by Callipygian Christensen

3rd place was not determined- * note of error* at time of event, there were only 2 black & white entries to our knowledge. My sincere apologies to Callipygian Christensen who had 3 additional entries submitted but were not discovered until after judging was complete.
Each 1st place winner received a Deluxe Photo Studio, by Acidicorp, donated by Acidic Tamale.
2nd place winners received a N30 Light stand or a Nyloid camera, purchased & donated by Moonspell Studio.
3rd place winners received one or more of the following: Filigree Gazebo & copiable Hedge, Abedeh Arabian Tent, & several books & blocks by Osprey Therian , all donated by Osprey.

Winning bids in the silent auction:

Racerx Gullwing, $1500L- Hope Still With us, by Callipygian Christensen

Racerx Gullwing. $1000L- Hope Lights the Sky, by Callipygian Christensen

Racerx Gullwing, $1000L- Hope Waits in the Heart of All Creatures,
by DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret

Vessus Candour, $750L- Ray of Hope, by Izzy Cole

Vessus Candour, $125L- Walking with Hope, by Ainsworth Gastel

Vessus Candour, $2500L- Hope Darkness, by Callipygian Christensen

Gore Suntzu, $3650L- Hope Lives, by Izzy Cole

Gore Suntzu, $1000L- Hope He Still Loves, by Callipygian Christensen

Brendan Gardiner, $150L- Magic of Hope, by Alazar Fauna

Brenden Gardiner, $150L- Hope Springs Eternal, by Callipygian Christensen

Brendan Gardiner, $150L- Hope Cures, by Desire Strangelove

Rancher Koenig, $1750L- Hope’s Horizon, Izzy Cole

Lula Ceawlin, $2100L- I Hope & Pray, by Izzy Cole

Has Lassard, $200L- Source of Hope, by Petal Rich

DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret, $1500L- Hope, by RacerX Gullwing

Caesar Janus, $100L- Eternal Hope, by Clarrice Cinquetti

Sean Reisman, $100L- Hope, by Faith Lovelle

Randy Dunderdale, $1000- Hope, by Vessus Candour

Elliebob Bean, $500L- Hope & Wonder by Marianne McCann

Marvinx Robbiani, $5000L- Hope Dies Last, by Lula Ceawlin

Randy Dunderdale, $250L, - A Touch of Hope, by Katilina Gould

Callipygian Christensen, $150L- Hope, So What Happens Next?, by Carmen Sukra

Silent auction total $24,625L
Kiosks at Art in the Park $ 7483L
Donations from entries $ 7200
Grand Total Hope Contest: $ 39,623L !!! :D:D:D