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Mystical Festival!

An Elf Circle Relay for Life event sponsored by the Circle of Life team
(More events will be added prior to June 21st!)

Featuring Fireworks, Magical Readings and Feats of Magic throughout the fair.

THURSDAY, June 21, 2007

9 am - Vanilla Jessop - Elven Bridge class
6 PM - Rayne Saltair - Meditation Cabin class
7 PM - Cypress Rosewood concert
8 PM - Drum Circle and Dance
Late night - Particle Light Show by Kala Pixie

FRIDAY, June 22, 2007
8am -10 Fashion Show
3 PM - Rayne Saltair - Fairy Goddess Chair class
5 Pm - Shadow Marlin - Modern Water Fountain class
6pm - 8 PM - Fashion Show
8 PM - Drum Circle and Dance

SATURDAY, June 23, 2007

9am - Bardic Circle - Storytelling and Music
1 PM - DrFran Babcock - (mystery class)
4Pm - Katt Arliss -Scripted Picture Changer class
6 PM - Bardic Circle - Storytelling and Music
8 PM - Drum Circle and Dance, DJ Merik Drebin

Classes either at the instructor’s site or on Dementasia (open during class)
Event Coordinator: Lyr Lobo

Circle of Life Team Leader: Forcythia Wishbringer
Circle of Life Team Members: Susan Brown, Vanilla Jessop and Lyr Lobo