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Relay For Life Racers and Nomine…

will be hosting a charity event for SL Relay for Life on Monday July 23, 6pm SLT. Meet us at the grand re-opening of Nomine where we will be Rockin’ 24 for the cure! The goal is to raise 100K in 24 hours. Every 6 hours we will be checking the donation totals to keep DJ Bcreative Wilde on the air. That’s right one DJ rocking the tunes for 24 hours all for the fight against cancer. There will be a donation jar into which you can donate whatever you like with all proceeds going to help fund Cancer Research.
Check points for totals though out this event are as followed:
12:00am - 25,000L
6:00am - 50,000L
12:00pm - 75,000L
6:00pm - 100,000L
If the 100K goal is reached early new challenges will be made!
Cohosting this event along with DJ Bcreative Wilde will be Munchflower Zaius. A special thanks goes out to Munchflower for donating the space for this event durring her Grand Re-opening of Nomine!.
Hope to see you there!