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Fundraising Ideas

These fundraisers are intended in the spirit of Relay and to make it fun, but keep it PG! Thanks!


  1. Dedicate your personal effort to someone who has won their battle with cancer, to someone who is currently battling cancer, or to someone who lost their life to this disease.
  2. Send note cards to your friends and business associates asking them to donate.
  3. Aim high – ask for L$10,000 and settle for L$1000.
  4. Talk about Relay.
  5. Ask your neighbors to donate – Ask around in your sim.
  6. Ask where you shop – Ask businesses that you frequent to donate money to sponsor you or ask them to put up a donation kiosk.
  7. Be willing to try unique activities! You will never know what might work unless you try.
  8. Be enthusiastic – Be enthusiastic about the event, your enthusiasm will be catching!


With any fundraiser, you always have to be careful to do it in such a way that it does not offend anyone. Certain fundraisers can sometimes be misunderstood by members of the community.

  1. Communicate what is happening! With any fundraiser, especially one that might be more public, communicate that it is happening.
  2. Know your audience – Target your fundraiser to people who will appreciate it and even be honored to be included.
  3. Finally, NEVER VIOLATE THE SPIRIT OF RELAY - No matter what, there is one thing that you can come back to – are you violating the Spirit of Relay? Relay For Life is intended to find a cure. If you are doing something in the right spirit, it probably makes it less likely that there will be a problem.


  • Auction (Silent or Live): Ask for contributions of unique items from team members and friends.
  • Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction – At your event, auction off for an evening some eligible singles, work in a few celebrities. Do a auction for some cool items first, and then the bachelor/bachelorettes.! Make it so that people can buy the bachelor/bachelorettes who are auctioned, or that their friends can make a donation to buy the person for their friends. Remind everyone that it is for a cancer fundraiser and that it is in good fun – go dance and remember it is for a great cause!!!!
  • Ball Dance - Host a Ball to raise money.
  • Buy An Answer! Charge everyone who asks you a question 1L to be donated to the Relay.
  • Fashion Show – Have a Relay For Life Fashion show – use Purple themed outfits.
  • Fashion Show: Set a theme for the fashion show. Your team members can be the models.
  • Go Door to Door: Go door to door and ask for donations. Work as a team to canvas the town.
  • Hair Donations – Ask people to donate hair they no longer use and then sell them CHEAP.
  • In kind donations – Are a great way for a people to give to a charity, goods that are valued at several times what it cost them create.
  • Jail & Bail: For a donation, people can be arrested. For an additional donation, they can post their own bail. OR, friends can have a bounty posted on the heads of someone, and they are not set free until the entire bounty is raised ($100l or more per inmate)
  • Jewelry Sales: Team members and friends donate jewelry they don’t wear.
  • Kissing Contest! ? Have contestants kiss and see how long they can stay in the pose. Any reason they are kicked off the pose ball counts as OUT.
  • Mardi Gras party
  • Movie Night: Invite your friends over for a night at the movies. Ask for a donation.
  • Yard Sales: Individually or as a team, turn your trash into someone else’s treasure.
    Relay Yard Sale Saturday – Have every team that?s willing to participate hold a Relay Yard Sale on the same day! Have all proceeds to your Relay For Life ? to each team! What a great motivator for folks to raise their fundraising! If you have 10 teams, you could raise money 10 times over!
  • Zoot Suit Party: Take advantage of the popularity of Swing Music. Hold a dance and give awards for the best Zoot Suit there.


Comment from Fayandria Foley
Time: February 24, 2007, 8:40 am

Haroldthe Burrel has a neat idea that he doesn’t mind my sharing with you. If you log off from a particular point each session, consider putting a “change jar” there and popping 5L into it each time, kinda like emptying your pockets at night. Though I guess you could do it when you log in too.

Thanks for the great idea Harold!

Comment from DesireCinquetti Dannunzio
Time: April 3, 2007, 6:22 am

I think an excellent fund raiser would be to make a huge event where you will crown the king and queen of secondlife at a formal royal court type of event. the contestants would have to formally register with someone or on the website, and have to get sponsors. the contestantd with the most sponsored amount of lindens to turn in would be king and queen, other hiests amounts would be crowned prince and princess, then dutches and so forth. A huge royal court. What do you all think of this idea?

2HOTT Apparel Owner,
DesireCinquetti Dannunzio