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Every team who signs up to participate in the Relay will receive some special tools to help them with their fund raising. This page explains how each of these works and provides some tips to help the teams get the most out of them.

Basic Information
The money handling tools we provide are meant to collect money, send it to the right place, and keep track of information such as who donated, how much was donated, and which team collected the donation. This information is sent to a server off-world and kept stored in a database. Some of that data is pulled out and displayed in the sidebar on the front page of this blog. Your team can keep track of the money they raised by keeping an eye on that sidebar, or by wearing a Relay HUD, which displays the information in-world. It doesn’t matter who owns the objects! They require the owner to give permission to debit before they will accept money. When someone pays the object, the money goes into the owner’s account for a split second, and then is automatically forwarded on to the right person.

Pledge Cards
Pledge CardPledge cards represent probably the simplest way to collect a donation in Second Life. It’s a single prim with full copy/mod/trans permissions (the script inside is no mod). Because the team name is hard-coded into the script, you can pass these cards around and your team will still get credit, no matter who owns it. One great way to collect donations is to ask everyone in your friends list to donate! If they agree, pass them your pledge card, have them drop it on the ground and pay it. Then ask them to pass it onto their friends, and we have viral fundraising!

Donation Kiosks
The donation kiosks make better permanent displays for collecting donations than the pledge cards (though you could use either). The downside to them is that they have a higher prim count. The script inside is identical to the script in the pledge card, and these kiosks can be passed around as well. Give them out to friends to put on display at their club or mall! Your team will receive credit.

The Relay vendor is a three prim object that can give away a prize when someone donates a specific minimum amount. Each team gets one specifically programmed to credit that team, just as with the kiosk. In addition to tracking donations, these track the name of the item that was given as a prize, so we can run reports on how much each item “sells.”

To set up the vendor, place one object in the vendor’s contents. It doesn’t matter what the object is named, but it must be an object (no clothes, notecards, textures, etc). If you want to give out more than one item or an item that isn’t an object, just box it all into one prim and stick that container prim in the vendor. The minimum donation to receive the prize is set in the description box. When you’re filling that in, do not use commas or dollar signs, just numbers. (Ex: If you want to give away something for L$1,000 donations, set the box to “1000″ not “L$1000″ or “1,000″ or “L$1,000.”

The vendor has a large square in the middle for displaying a picture of the prize and a square in the bottom right to display a texture showing the minimum donation amount. These textures must be made by you and applied to the vendor (the vendors are modifiable). The vendor accepts all donations, but only gives the prize away if the sponsor spends the minimum amount or more.

Relay HUDRelay HUD
The Relay HUD (heads up display) shows the donation total for your team and the grand total. This is a great way of keeping track of our progress without leaving Second Life. The HUD has two modes, minimized and maximized. To attach it, right-click it inside your inventory and click “Wear.” When you first attach it, it will be minimized and will appear as a pink and purple ribbon in the top left corner of your screen. You can move it if you want by right-clicking and choosing “Edit,” but before you do that, make a copy of it in inventory so that you can fall back on the default setting if something messes up.

To maximize the HUD, touch (click) it. The ribbon will disappear and be replaced by a panel showing the fundraising totals. These totals will update automatically every 30 minutes, or anytime you minimize and maximize the HUD. You can also visit this blog to keep track of your team’s fundraising totals and see how you compare against the other teams.


Comment from seawaybrodsky
Time: February 21, 2007, 4:01 pm

Jade ,
Also wearing a relay tag will get donations.

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