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Fundraising The “Relay” Way

Hello to all of our excited Relayers in Second Life. We here at the American Cancer Society are so pumped up for 2007! With the expansion of team fund raising activities I want to pass along a few tips on things to avoid when you are raising funds for the Society. The following tips are based on legal and taxation issues so please take them seriously even though they are written in plain language. I will update this as more examples come up. Thank you for understanding.

  1. Gambling and Games of Chance. If it involves gambling of any kind it is a big no-no. Sadly there can be no Tringo For Life fund raisers. HOWEVER if you put a collection bucket out front of the Tringo board and encourage people to donate some of their winnings that is just fine.
  2. Anything not PG-13 rated or under is just not a good idea. Remember that we are raising money for cancer research and patient services. And as my mom always says ‘Good taste tastes best’!
  3. Races where you hand out awards are ok, as long as you are not giving out any of the money that you raised from donations. Prizes can come from you the organizer.
  4. Benefit events. Please make sure that if you are having an event, and the ‘ticket fees’ are going to the society you must follow the following rules:
    • You must use the phrase ‘to benefit Relay For Life’
    • To collect donations at the event you really must use the Relay donation Kiosks that you can get from Jade Lily
    • You can not keep any of the money that you raise from a benefit event that you throw