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Vendors and Offers of Support

Listed below are the SLRFL Vendors and “Offers of Support” Jade and I have received to pass on to you. Please considering supporting those that are supporting us!
Learn, Connect, Save Lives! ~ Relay For Life



Echo Altamura’s Glass House
Suggested donation: L$1000
125 prims.
40×40 footprint.
3 pieces, will rez immediately when dropped.
Homes With Elegance - Custom Hom, Homes With Elegance (114, 146, 400)

*COOKIES* outfit
Suggested donation: unknown
Designed by Iris Seale
Mischief Cove- Rental space now , Mischief (197, 169, 23)

SL Relay For Life Bracelet
Suggested donation: 300L
Offered by: Leland and Lissa Lowell
[ENVY], Envy (200, 227, 21)

*POODLES* outfits
Suggested donation: 300L
“50’s themed outfit. Each outfit includes: poodle skirt (2), short-sleeved top (2), matching neck scarf, optional belt, socks (with ankle sock prims)”.
Available in Pink or Purple. Mod/Transfer
Total Betty Boutique on Son (175, 208, 27)

Relay For Life Special Edition Mic Stand
Suggested donation: 500L
Offered by: a performer, for performers
Kaklick Martin’s Pro Shop on St. Martin (87, 208, 412)

Daini Ken Designs Special Edition Top Hat
Suggested donation: 500L
Offered by: Frederic Prevost
Daini Ken Designs, Forsaken Enterprises (68, 213, 33)


Building of SLFRL Items
Contact: Azzura Supplee

Store Front for Vendors
Contact: Locke Morgridge
50 prims
Four Points Mall
Four Points Mall, Amat (212, 170, 23)

Location for Kiosk, Vendors, or Events
Contact: Charlene Trudeau
Pando Square Mall
For the use of anyone wishing to place a vendor, sales display, team kiosk or even hold one or more events between now and July 28, 2007. All teams are invited to place one donation kiosk somewhere in the mall.
Do ask everyone keep the mall its usual attractive self and find attractive ways to not obscure or overrun the paying tenants of the mall with the RFL vendors and displays. Group memebership is required to set out objects, IM Charlene Trudeau directly to be added to the group.
Pando Square Mall - Money Tree -, Pando (129, 127, 99)

Castle for Events
Contact: Rysz Sloane or Cleopatra Sun
The castle comes complete with a Grand Ballroom located on the second floor. The ballroom has a ballroom floor and waltz poses along with a piano, fireplace and cozy seating for friends. Also secret rooms!
Castle Rysz
Castle Rysz, Silla (165, 99, 74)

Have a vendor that needs posted or an “offer of support”? Please drop a note card to Fayandria Foley or email:

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