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To say thank you to one and all who are contributing so selflessly to SLRFL is extremely strong among the Team Captains that to actually just say ‘thank you’ seems inadequate. But, nevertheless, a sincere thank you is extended to those unsung heroes of the Relay, the ones who give and keep giving no matter the request or how many. You, that giving person, are a vital part in the backbone of this Relay and the reason for its success. Thank you for joining the fight against cancer, we know there are many equally good non-profit events you could have chosen to support and we are honored you chose SLRFL 2007. Thank you for your time, energy, and support as we continue on the quest for a cure; for there is no finish line until a cure is found.

Please read the comments, as that is where the Team Captains of SLRFL 2007 are listing their supporters. Those supporters deserve so much more….

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Comment from Nikki Mathieson for Teams TVCH/3LOLS
Time: May 7, 2007, 12:04 pm

Our Back to the 50s Weekend was a ROCKIN’ Success!
How do you say thank you enough? How can one express the gratitude we feel when met with such an abundance of generosity, warmth and kindness from residents and merchants, in our own little secondlife world? It has just truly stunned us. THANK YOU ALL!!

Nuala Maracas - OUR RFL Team Captain (and we’re keepin’ her!) - Gown Vendors
Richey Carnell -DJ Services
Dirty McLean -Basketball Court
Jim Lumiere -Lemonade Stand, Ice Cream Cart & Linden donation
Lexi Frua -2007 Relay For Life Balloons
Trail Lauridsen, Maharic Sanctuary II - the Dating Game Grand Prize dream dates
Susan Dangle -Devil Ladies - Show Car
ahkenatan Grommet -Primouth Motors, 2 Classic Autos for Grand Prizes & Linden donation
StickyKind Vanmoer -West Coast Classics, 1957 Harley Davison Motorcycle
Michelle Morphett -Metamorph Trophy Shop, First, Second & Third Place Trophies
Hermoine Ranger -Waitress Food Dispenser
BigJack Rolls -Dance Balls and DJ Booth
Usul Eros -Pink and Black Booths
Sig Mariner -Posters
Sarg Bjornson - Carnival Rides (Giant slide, pirate ship and bumper cars)
Chriss Wunderland -T Shirts
Lizzie Bergson -Vendor
Lauren Fox -Poofers
Rose Stardust -Relay Shirt vendor
Atom Burma -Theater
Bumbles McMillan -Sacks for Sack Race
Beach Beebe -Cafe Trivia
PrinceDK Slunce -Cafe Trivia
Autumn Fairlane -Booth Prizes & T Shirts
Nikki Mathieson - Booth Prizes & Movies
Kristivon Kolache -Bull Riding Grand Prize Horse
Citrus Virtual Ltd
Chase Hallard -Popcorn machine & Cotton Candy machine
Daisy Kwon - prizes for booths
Timmy Tenant - Jail for our Jail and Bail
Calla Marina - L$10,000 Yacht Grand Prize

Comment from Nikki Mathieson & Belle Loll, Team Captains for Back to the 50’s Weekends
Time: May 7, 2007, 12:32 pm

THANK YOU to our hard-working and dedicated committees.

We drew up an agenda, threw out ideas and YOU made it all happen, much better than we ever imagined. You’re all the cream of the crop, top of the line, creme de la creme, well you know what we’re trying to say…. YOU’RE THE BEST!

So, here’s recognition to each of our committees, the chairmen and assistants… without whom none of the fun could have been possible. You gave it your all this past weekend. You gave it to Relay for Life and you gave it to us!

Sock Hop:
Chairman - Mamap Beerbaum
Assistants; Kristen Fleury, Konnie Larsen, Peabody Fadoodle, Catz Jewell

50s Fashions:
Chairman: Konnie Larsen

Chairman - Nikki Mathieson & Belle Loll
Assistants - Daisy Kwon, Catz Jewell

Chairman - Autumn Fairlane
Assistants: Love Kawaguichi, Alexandra Soderberg, Daisy Kwon

Trivia Pavillion:
Chairman - Bourque Rau
Assistants: Nikki Mathieson, Belle Loll, Triz Aster

Classic Car Contest:
Chairman: Mambajamba Rearwin
Assistants: Triz Aster, Christine Daffodil, Snackie Sinatra

Dating Game:
Chairman: Alexandra Soderberg
Assistants: Konnie Larsen, Love Kawaguichi

Craft/Vendor Fair: Autumn Fairlane, Nikki Mathieson, Summer Tantalus, Fab Tanabe

Cage Your Friend For Life:
Chairman: Sidda Jubilee
Assistants: Snackie Sinatra, Lavendar Laval, Noved Nichols

50s at the Movies
Chairman: Nikki Mathieson
Assistants: Dimity Ramaty, Trena Chenille, Sidda Jubilee
Car Auction at the Drive-In
Bumbles McMillan, Belle Loll

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Trena Chenille and Sidda Jubilee for the perfect land to host such a vast event. You gave us free reign and (oh yea) we took it! lol Your patience is amazing!

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