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Mystical Festival!

An Elf Circle Relay for Life event sponsored by the Circle of Life team
(More events will be added prior to June 21st!)

Featuring Fireworks, Magical Readings and Feats of Magic throughout the fair.

THURSDAY, June 21, 2007

9 am - Vanilla Jessop - Elven Bridge class
6 PM - Rayne Saltair - Meditation Cabin class
7 PM - Cypress Rosewood concert
8 PM - Drum Circle and Dance
Late night - Particle Light Show by Kala Pixie

FRIDAY, June 22, 2007
8am -10 Fashion Show
3 PM - Rayne Saltair - Fairy Goddess Chair class
5 Pm - Shadow Marlin - Modern Water Fountain class
6pm - 8 PM - Fashion Show
8 PM - Drum Circle and Dance

SATURDAY, June 23, 2007

9am - Bardic Circle - Storytelling and Music
1 PM - DrFran Babcock - (mystery class)
4Pm - Katt Arliss -Scripted Picture Changer class
6 PM - Bardic Circle - Storytelling and Music
8 PM - Drum Circle and Dance, DJ Merik Drebin

Classes either at the instructor’s site or on Dementasia (open during class)
Event Coordinator: Lyr Lobo

Circle of Life Team Leader: Forcythia Wishbringer
Circle of Life Team Members: Susan Brown, Vanilla Jessop and Lyr Lobo

Hope Photography Contest & Silent Auction Winners

On April 26th, Groovy Kinda Quest team announced the beginning of the Hope Photography Contest. Originally slated for judging on May 13th, Mother’s Day in the US, the ceremony was postponed to June 10th. Has Lassard of Art in the Park, Hobak, was Master of Ceremonies, exhibit sponsor & judged the 21 entries along with fellow SL photographers, Shoshanna Epsilon, Osprey Therian & Petal Rich. They each chose a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner in each of the three categories & votes were tallied to determine final winners. On June 10th at Art in the Park, Heath Elvehjem donated his time & talent to perform live piano music for this RFL fundraiser, with over 250 in attendance. Entry requirements were to include the word Hope creatively in the picture or title, originating from in-world & a minimum $100L donation per entry. The silent auction of all entries ran from 2pm until midnight.
… and the winners are…

Color Edited
1st- Hope Lives, by Izzy Cole
2nd- Hope & Wonder, by Marianne McCann
3rd- Hope Waits in the Heart of all Creatures, by DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret

Unedited Snapshot
1st- Hope, by Vessus Candour
2nd- Hope Dies Last, by Lula Ceawin
3rd- Hope, by Faith Lovelle

Black & White
1st- Hope Cures, by Desire Strangelove
2nd- Hope He Still Loves, by Callipygian Christensen

3rd place was not determined- * note of error* at time of event, there were only 2 black & white entries to our knowledge. My sincere apologies to Callipygian Christensen who had 3 additional entries submitted but were not discovered until after judging was complete.
Each 1st place winner received a Deluxe Photo Studio, by Acidicorp, donated by Acidic Tamale.
2nd place winners received a N30 Light stand or a Nyloid camera, purchased & donated by Moonspell Studio.
3rd place winners received one or more of the following: Filigree Gazebo & copiable Hedge, Abedeh Arabian Tent, & several books & blocks by Osprey Therian , all donated by Osprey.

Winning bids in the silent auction:

Racerx Gullwing, $1500L- Hope Still With us, by Callipygian Christensen

Racerx Gullwing. $1000L- Hope Lights the Sky, by Callipygian Christensen

Racerx Gullwing, $1000L- Hope Waits in the Heart of All Creatures,
by DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret

Vessus Candour, $750L- Ray of Hope, by Izzy Cole

Vessus Candour, $125L- Walking with Hope, by Ainsworth Gastel

Vessus Candour, $2500L- Hope Darkness, by Callipygian Christensen

Gore Suntzu, $3650L- Hope Lives, by Izzy Cole

Gore Suntzu, $1000L- Hope He Still Loves, by Callipygian Christensen

Brendan Gardiner, $150L- Magic of Hope, by Alazar Fauna

Brenden Gardiner, $150L- Hope Springs Eternal, by Callipygian Christensen

Brendan Gardiner, $150L- Hope Cures, by Desire Strangelove

Rancher Koenig, $1750L- Hope’s Horizon, Izzy Cole

Lula Ceawlin, $2100L- I Hope & Pray, by Izzy Cole

Has Lassard, $200L- Source of Hope, by Petal Rich

DeltaDharmaDawn Aubret, $1500L- Hope, by RacerX Gullwing

Caesar Janus, $100L- Eternal Hope, by Clarrice Cinquetti

Sean Reisman, $100L- Hope, by Faith Lovelle

Randy Dunderdale, $1000- Hope, by Vessus Candour

Elliebob Bean, $500L- Hope & Wonder by Marianne McCann

Marvinx Robbiani, $5000L- Hope Dies Last, by Lula Ceawlin

Randy Dunderdale, $250L, - A Touch of Hope, by Katilina Gould

Callipygian Christensen, $150L- Hope, So What Happens Next?, by Carmen Sukra

Silent auction total $24,625L
Kiosks at Art in the Park $ 7483L
Donations from entries $ 7200
Grand Total Hope Contest: $ 39,623L !!! :D:D:D



During the Friends Fighting Cancer Date Auction one of our contestants, Wald Oh, was kidnapped by two unsavory characters. They dropped some kind of a bomb that crashed our sim and when we got back Wald Oh was gone!

Below is a copy of the ransom note we received:

This be here a ransom note for yur WaldOh. Thats right people, ur percious waldoh is kidnapped and if you want him back, you best payup! $100,000L You want him back in one piece? listen up, scruvy dogs I want $100,000L Lindens! And I want em in small bills, unmarked, and no funny business . . . or I cut off his arms and tape em to his forehead!

Gimme Lindens, I need Lindens, where o where are my friggen Lindens ppl!!!

I want me money in a black suitcase, and 5 pounds of those black liquorice jelly beans in there too! I’ll tell ya the location later. This is a need to know basis, and all you need to know right now, is start saving your lindens or your waldoh will be like bread dough, baked in a oven! Dont try to come find him, he’s tied up at the moment and wont be seeing visitors, until you payup! I’ll be sending pictures and messages to your admin of ur web page, so dont mess with me avatars!

The 100,000 Lindens, and the black jelly beans, will go directly to Relay !


An Invitation to participate musically in Relay For Life

One of the most important facets of the Relay For Life here in SL is the celebration of the lives of those touched by cancer. All fought the good fight in their own way …. some won valiantly, some are still fighting that battle, and some have lost that fight.

We would like to invite you to participate in this aspect of Relay for Life.

During the night of July 28th, at the Relay for Life, SL’s Cancer Survivors Group has the honor of walking a SURVIVOR LAP around the track and sponsoring a SURVIVOR CENTER. This walk is a very special moment during the Relay and very inspirational. You can participate in this part of the Relay in one of the following ways.

If you feel inspired to do so we would be honored if you would compose a special song for the occasion. It can be on any subject that celebrates the life of someone who has walked this journey we call cancer.
We would be honored if you would contribute an existing, original song that would be appropriate to be played during this portion of the Relay.

If you would like to participate, PLEASE: record your song to mp3 and email it to me along with your SL name. It will only be cued up to be played during the SURVIVOR WALK, the LUMINARIA WALK and at the SURVIVOR CENTER during the night of the Relay for Life. Your song and will not be sold, marketed or used in any other way.

Each person can submit only one song please and please limit the song length to no more than five minutes. (Shorter is fine.)

We undertake to play all songs, subject to a maximum limit of 75, and to publicly acknowledge all contributions. Should you feel moved to contribute an entirely new song for the occasion we will make special mention of this fact. This is not really a contest. Just an opportunity use your music to celebrate the lives of those touched by cancer. There are so many amazing musicians here in SL and we would like to use your music during the Relay in this special way. Please try to email your songs by July 9th, in order that I will have time to organize them.

Elizabeth Antonelli

Where is Waldo?

Did you ever try to find Waldo???? Well how much would you pay to get a date with him?????
Yes, you heard correctly, on Sunday June 10th @ 5PM, Friends Fighting Cancer is going to give you just that chance! A DATE WITH WALD OH!
Actually, they are holding a Date Auction. Many great looking, hot, intelligent and talented ladies and gentlemen, including Second Life’s very own Waldo, will be putting themselves up to the highest bidder for a date that will be agreed upon by both parties. DJ Semi Grey will be playing some great tunes and showing off her skills as an auctioneer. A fun time is sure to be had by all.

‘Half Way There Fair’ takes us all the way to goal

Sunday’s ‘Half Way There Fair’ was one amazing party, and if you had not paid attention to the fundraising count, it helped to push us up to our goal. More importantly it was a beautiful collection of amazing builds, the best live music, super sweet give-aways, and loving friends. I have to say it again, this only happen because of the dedication of volunteers in the community. Seaway and Mystic and HaroldThe and Fay and Wench and Chantal and W-Hat and … the list goes on and on. To be honest I’d like to make the comments here a thank you letter to everyone who busted their butts for the fair. If you want to say thank you do it proudly and publicly here in the comments. Thank people you know worked so hard in the background and deserve a shout out!! Do it today!

RFL LIVE Music Extravangza

RFL Team Eros proudly & excitedly presents 12 HOURS….yes that’s right…12 full rockin’, partyin’, insanely wild HOURS of fun for a wonderful and heartfelt cause…….fighting cancer, which has most likely affected all of our lives in one way or another at some point.

Come join us on Saturday, June 2, 2007 from 12 noon til 12 midnight SLT as some of the most talented performers in SL entertain the night away! There will be random prizes given out every 10 minutes and a raffling off of many magnificent creations from some of SL’s top designers every 30 minutes ALL NIGHT LONG! The night will culminate with one of Stroker’s own awesome creations raffled as the grand finale!

We look forward to seeing you there……all of us partying our hearts out while digging deep into our avi pockets to make a difference in this war against this deadly disease! June 2, 2007 from 12pm to 12am SLT


RFL CARNIVAL Sponsored by Team McDonnough! May 27th, 1pm - 9 pm SLT, on the island sim Isla Del Amor. DJ’s Naydee McGettigan, Tempest Jewel, and Jellybean Madison will be providing live music all day. The Raffle Ball will be giving out prizes all day! Awesome raffle prizes, kissing booth, mud wrestling, rides, events and more!
Some of the prizes are listed below as are some of the kissing booth attendants!

Auction Items are the following and bidding will start on Friday 12:00pm slt
PIRATE SHIP by Baron Grayson
THREE PLATINUM BEDS by Stroker Serpentine
SORROW by Androclese Antonelli
HDCC_Relay For Life_Lil Pink By HD Pomeray
NYMPHETAMINE_Rideable Relay for Life Swan by Paeoti Pomeray
Sky Designs Furniture Set By Sky Everett

Here are just a few of the many raffle prizes being given away
MULTI GADGETS by Timeless Prototype
FURNITURE by Woodshed
5k GIFT CARDS by Rebel Hope
JEWELRY by Random Calliope
JEWELRY by Chantal Fielding
5k GIFT CARDS by Blaze Columbia
Boa Collection by Callie Cline
LIMITED EDITION DRESS by DE Designs (Doc Eldritch)

This is a very short list of other content creators that are also contributing prizes…..Feri Beckenbauger, Flea Bussy, Natalie Basiat, Nyte Vargas, Raven Pennyfeather, Myztree Gorky, Ariel Black, Paeoti Pomeray, Moriash Moreau, Rachel Darling, Koy Figaro, Eolande Elvehjem, Jade Whiplash and many more!

A few of the kissing attendants will be: Timeless Prototype, Sky Everett, Wiccan Sojurner, RH Engel, Rebel Hope, Random Calliope, Tayzia Abattoir, Raven Penneyfeather, Chantal Fielding, Daphne Molinari, Fly Michelson,Doc Eldritch, Nevar Lobo, Pips Fetid, Kimberly Dale and many more!

Come enjoy the day, bring all your friends and help us raise money for the American Cancer Society! You dont want to miss this event!

The Great SL Cow Dance!

In case you haven’t Herd … the Relay Rockers are holding Mooonumental Relay For Life Event Saturday May 26th from 12- 4:30!

That’s Right. The Great SL Cow Dance! Hop on Old Bessie and Join the Herd as We Hoof it across the Mainland on Dancing Cows! We will be Mooving across the mainland using the Linden Roads from Chalet Linden to the ANWR SIM and then on to the T1Radio Warehouse in Rue dAlliez for a LIVE CONCERT Featuring Bill & Pam Havercamp!

T1 Radio will be simoolcasting the event live & Event Sponsors will be providing special gifts at each Checkpoint!

Pick Up your Dancing Cow and T1Radio TPod at the Warehouse or La Vie en Rose in Rue dAlliez or at Koko Nutz Pier in Cincta - Donation of $L500 for Relay For Life

Zorena Deckard’s Ookami Ningen
Alyssa Bijoux Jewellers
Joy Bellman
Maracas DeSigns
Angellina Burelli
WoodstockBurleigh’s Shaker Shop

Don’t Miss this chance to Steer your way across dozens of Amazing Sims and help the Largest Community Event in Second Life.. The SL Relay for Life benefiting the American Cancer Society

Digital Do Overs: Survivor Edition

The Metaverse Messenger is proud to host Digital Do Overs: Survivor Edition

What is it?
In partnership with SL Relay For Life, the Metaverse Messenger Fashion Angels will be hosting 4 makeovers over the next several weeks of in-world cancer survivors. Makeovers will be chronicled in the M2 and featured in our weekly paper.

In addition raising funds for the its life-saving mission, RFL aims to educate it’s community on the many services and offerings of the American Cancer Society. Through these makeovers, our goal is to honor and pamper in-world cancer survivors and raise awareness for the ACS program Look Good, Feel Better, which educates women who have lost hair due to treatment how to apply makeup, wear wigs, and do things to become more comfortable with their appearance during their fight with this terrible disease.

Who do we need involved?
We are looking for four cancer survivors with current SL avatars that are in need of a makeover. Still got that “newbie” look? Then we need you!

How much time is involved?
If you are chose and agree to participate, expect to spend about 3 hours over the period of a week with your assigned Fashion Angel.

1. “Before” photo session
2. Interview to understand your desired style and look, and learn more about you, your story, and your involvement with the ACS
4. “After” photo session

If you are interested in nominating someone, please send *IN A FOLDER TITLED DDO NOMINATION* a snapshot and a quick notecard about the person nominated to Madison Donnelly by Monday, May 21st.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Yours in the fight,
Madison Donnelly
Fashion Editor
The Metaverse Messenger