The Molas Pass is one of the best places to visit in Colorado.  The Pass is a high mountain pass at above 10000 feet located West of Colorado in the San Juan Mountains in the US. The San Juan National Forest surrounds the Pass. The Million Dollar Highway, the San Juan Skyway Byway passes through the pass. The Molas Pass is usually open during the winter season. The Molas is the last mountain pass in which riders compete against the Train from Durango to Silverton.

Things to know about the Molas Pass

The Molas Pass is very popular on peak seasons and once can easily access it off the US 550. In the major part of a good year, the Molas Pass is above treeline. The fascinating part of this is that the meadows are painted with wildflowers. Climbing the Little Molas Lake and through the Little, Molas Carpark gives you access to the 11000 ft peak of the mountain pass. The trail continues to the North Lime Creek.

As much as the trail is not quite steep, some people find it hard to get to the peak due because of its high altitude. On embarking on the trail, always take between two to three liters in between the day to avoid dehydration by altitude sickness.

The trail splits in the first three miles. Keep right at both intersections. Mile 3 of the trail entails a track to your left. In the case, you wish to do a ten-mile day hike, take the first major creek crossing. In case you want to embark on an overnight trail, pack for the night and use the traditional campsite just close to the Lime Creek at the sixth Mile.

Always be conscious of the weather. This will ensure you handle exposed sections of the trail with caution as you hike the Molas Pass. During months of summer and thunderstorms, trail during afternoons.

Who to take to the Molas Pass

The Molas is an interesting place. With all the fun that you will on its trails surfaces, walls, restaurants, caves, peaks, and camps, remember to carry a camera. This is a good place for the experienced and lovers of hiking, families, and friends. On arrival, it is good first to ensure you are at your best before embarking on a trail to its peak or any point you plan to get to.

Fun things to do on the Molas Pass

The Molas is known for many things, but there are fun things to do to get the best out of a trip on the Molas Pass

Hiking and camping

On the Molas Pass most commonly is the hiking, not many hikes in the night and therefore hiking in the night leads to camping. Camping in a place that carries a history of many years can be fun. Camping next to the Little Molas Lake has been termed as the best things to do in Colorado.


The Molas Pass farthest peak is at around 11 000 ft. The snowcaps do not stretch to the point of not seeing the other side. With this goo altitude, one enjoys the scenic and lovely appearance of the areas surrounding the Molas Pass like the railway line from Durango to the Silverton station.



Instead of taking the train, a ride alongside the Durango and Silverton train is fun. Hiring a bicycle in the camps can help with that. Riding along the Durango and Silverton is termed one of the best road hikes in Colorado and the entire US.

Regulations, procedures, and directions

The starting point of your trip is Durango. Ride north on the US 550 and on reaching the Purgatory Resort, go down to the Call Bank Pass 10,640 feet. You will get to the Molas Pass in the next miles from the Coal Bank Pass. Continue half a mile to get to the C84 before taking a left and proceeding to a rough road, and you will be at the Little Molas Campground and carpark. There follow long drops, and a trail at the edge of the carparks intersects with the CT in a few hundred meters.

After the hike, you can also take a ride north on the 550 popularly termed, the Million Dollar Highway. This section makes up for one of Colorado’s finest drives. In seven miles you will be at the mining town of Silverton, the destination of the Durango and Silverton railroad.