From experience, some artistic people have a powerful gift of visualizing what others cannot see. Each person has a unique talent that can be processed and expressed in various ways. Sometimes what we see and perceive can have a completely different meaning to other people. For instance, something that may seem simple can have a whole new dimension, definition, and discovery. Growing up with a passion for using a camera has changed my perspective on life as I creatively interpret every object. My camera has given me an opportunity to achieve my desires.

There have been challenges in my quest to become a professional photographer. My mother has never liked the idea of me making a living out of this profession, and she has tried to alter my ambitions. She always thought that photography was not a real profession. Despite my mother’s objections, she purchased my first camera that was given to me as a graduation gift after completing high school, and since then, the desire to specialize in photography has grown. In high school, I was an active member of journalism club where I concentrated on taking photos of events such as the prom. I have been using the camera to develop my skills, and it has helped me transform to an experienced photographer.

My passion for this field was fuelled by my desire to spread the awareness of the homeless families which spend their lives in and out of shelter homes and occasionally spending their nights in cold streets. Additionally, I loved street photography, and I made a promise to myself that I will pursue the profession when I grew older.

I conclusion, I aspire to become a renown creative photographer in my country and beyond. The camera will provide a significant tool that will enable me to have a first-hand experience of the profession by taking photos at any time.