After starting up your business, essentially getting to do what you’ve always wanted, the job is not over. In order for it to have the success you want it to have, you must come up with a brilliant marketing campaign – preferably one that goes viral in the online environment and not only.

Wouldn’t it be good to have a heads up? Well, of course, who wouldn’t want that extra distance forward after starting their business?

For that, we have round up 7 of the best marketing campaigns that went viral as well – because, nowadays, being viral is everything and it represents a massive boost to your business.

So, let’s jump straight on the path that shows what others did to become viral.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Initially, this campaign was done to raise awareness for people with ALS and, if people would want to, they could donate and help fund the research and so on. Of course, most of the people taking up the challenge only poured the bucket of ice-cold water over them and probably didn’t bother to donate.

But because of this, it went viral almost overnight. Celebrities were challenged to do it, and with the help of all the other people that donated, the year of 2014 represented a $9.7 million increase in donations.

IKEA’s Pee Tech

We know, it already sounds weird. But the marketing campaign that IKEA was able to pull off was just brilliant. Basically, they had an ad placed in a women’s magazine, simply saying that “peeing on this and may change your life”.

If one was brave enough to follow the instructions, it would be revealed if they were pregnant or not – as the advertisement featured a pregnancy-kit tech. But this was not all, if the brave one was indeed pregnant, they could purchase an IKEA crib with a discounted price.

Kentucky four Kentucky

You’ve probably already noticed the small typo in the heading of this paragraph – and that obviously caught your attention. This is exactly what the Kentucky based business, Kentucky for Kentucky, did in one of their ads.

They placed an ad reading “we speak your language” right before revealing that they made this typo in order to stand out from other businesses. This helped them get out of Kentucky and sell their products in multiple regions. So, a typo is not always something to throw rocks at.

CarMax – They’ll Buy Your Cat and Your Mug

The funny ad video of CarMax was a response to a video the filmmaker, Max Lanman, had posted on YouTube and which went viral. He was helping his girlfriend sell her car.

After noticing the video went viral, the CarMax Company posted their own, in which they offered to buy the car, as well as everything else in the video – a cat, a mug, a coffee machine and the leftovers from a sandwich. Therefore, the answer is yes, being funny and nonconformist can help you get viral.

The “Real Beauty Sketches” Dove Campaign

Dove has called Gil Zamora, a professional sketch artist, to help them. How? He was put to draw two sketches of the same woman, for multiple women. One based on their description given by strangers and one by the description provided by the women themselves.

This resulted in beautiful sketches – when following the description of strangers. Ultimately, this led to the ads final purpose, which was to show everyone that they are more beautiful than they think.

Old Spice Campaigns

Isaiah Mustafa – you probably already know this name, as he is the man you know as the face of Old Spice.

There’s not much to be said about this one, it was a witty campaign that appealed to both men and women. And comparing the statistics of the viral videos of 2010, when this type of Old Spice ad appeared, it just blew off the competition.

Eat the Ice Cream

This is not your average marketing campaign ad. The Halo Top ice cream company wanted to be different – and appeal to humor to get viral. Instead of being extremely funny, they went for a dystopian add showing a robot forcing an old woman to eat ice cream while saying that everyone she loved is gone, and only ice cream is left. True, it’s dark and unsettling, but this helped the ice cream company get viral and be on top.

So, coming up with these types of campaigns is hard – you have to take into account the current trends, you have to add a spoon of humor to everything you and your business are doing. Basically, you have to think outside of the box and that’s exactly what we challenge you to do for your next campaign.